Social Responsibility 

LIH awarded 10 study bursaries through the LIH Bursary scheme to university students at Polytechnic of Namibia and University of Namibia in different fields of study.

With this initiative, in January 2011, LIH signed an independent contractor agreement authorizing NIRO Consulting Services to interact with students on a one on one bases, offer empowerment sessions, empowerment retreats, provide career guidance and counseling sessions, psychosocial support and advice, consultation matters regarding academic and financial matters, engage students in social responsibility activities as a way to give back to the community and interact with other youth.

Such a proud moment and such a relief not only for me but for my parents, as we got the most enlightening news from Labour Investment Holding that I have been chosen as one of the bursary recipient. My first and second year was tough as my parents had to struggle with keeping up with the financial constraints, which came with a daughter enrolled at an institution like the Polytechnic of Namibia. Today I stand tall and proud knowing that LIH is my parent as well as they took the responsibility of taking care of me financially and emotionally, which is great assistance to my parents.

Rebecca now works as a Laboratory Technologist

and Researcher at Namibia University of Science and Technology since graduating.

I am one of the fortunate students to receive a bursary from LIH. With the bursary I was able to pay my tuition fee, buy all the prescribed books for my course of study and pay my accommodation. With no burden on financial needs I focus on my academic works, on which I had performed excellent. I feel it is such a great assistance to me and the entire Namibian nation at large because the fund does not only benefit me and my family but the Namibian nation also gets professionals in different careers, contributing to the social development of the country.

Lybia is a Registered Nurse now works as an Accoucher in the Defense Force