Our Business is your wealth

Benefits for the NUNW

The main objective of LIH investment is to create wealth and to generate opportunities and benefits for NUNW and its affiliates, we:

  • Declare annual dividend to our Shareholder.
  • Award bursaries to any Namibian institutions through the LIH Bursary Scheme. Student only qualify if their parents are paid-up members of the industrial unions.
  • Provide donations to our Shareholder for May Day Celebration.
  • Our relationship in AVBOB offers special funeral benefits to all affiliate union members
  • Sponsor skill enhancement and leadership training for union members.

Achievements and Highlights

LIH is proud to have sponsored eight students at the University of Namibia and Polytechnic of Namibia and have completed their studies in Geology, Nursing, Marketing, Information of Technology, Criminal Justice, Education, Bio-Medical Science, Engineering and Environmental Health. These students are making a difference in society and contributing to the country’s vision 2030.

LIH is a shareholder in Bidvest Namibia through its flagship BEE entity Ovanhu that owns 13.33% shareholding. The company was converted to consolidate the Bidvest Group Limited’s operations in Namibia under one centralized entity. Bidvest Namibia has diverse portfolio of investments similar to those of its parent companies namely Bidfish and Bidcom.
Looking Forward 

LIH will continue to protect and grow the interest of Namibian workers by addressing mainstream economic development. LIH will remain at the forefront of simultaneously ensuring that we address past inequalities and current unemployment, promote job creation and broad-based skills development. We continuously assess, where appropriate, engage in new investments, acquisitions, partnerships and joint venture opportunities.